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Basic $49

(7 Days)

  • 65 Niche Relevant links
  • 65 Do-follow links
  • 5 PBN links
  • 2 article submission
  • 10 Web 2.0 links
  • 10 Profile links
  • 10 EDU profile links
  • 10 Forum comments

Standard $195

(10 Days)

  • 100 Niche Relevant links
  • 100 Do-follow links
  • 10 Dofollow niche relevant
  • 5 article submission
  • 2 Guest Post (DA 30+)
  • 10 PBN links
  • 15 Web 2.0 links
  • 15 Profile links
  • 15 EDU profile links
  • 7 Forum comments
  • 3 Image links
  • 3 Audio links

Premium $495

(20 DAYS)

  • 5 Guest Post (DA 50+)
  • 20 PBN links ( DA 40+)
  • 20 Web 2.0 links ( with login detail)
  • 20 Profile links ( with login detail)
  • 20 EDU profile links
  • 15 Forum comments
  • 10 article submission
  • 140 Niche Relevant links
  • 140 Do-follow links (DA 40+)
  • 20 Dofollow niche relevant
  • 6 Image links
  • 6 Audio links
  • 3 Press Release
  • 20 Social Bookmarking
  • 100 Social signal shares

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s natural or organic search results. SEO help to make sure that a site is reachable by a search engine. “Search engines are programs that search documents for specified keywords and return a list of documents where the keyboards are found.

To understand the goal of SEO, consider our internet browse habits. When we want to get some information we make use of search engines because t is the easiest way to get the information. As general the websites that appear on the top in the results get more users when compare to the other sites. So the goal of SEO is to get the position one by optimizing the website.

SEO is important because SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO practices improves the user experience and usability of a web site. Users trust search engines and having a presence in the top positions for the keywords the user is searching, increases the website’s trust.
One of the main marketing strategies that can help online retailers build a successful Internet business is search engine optimization.
To improve the PageRank of the website, the inbound links to the website must be controlled.

SEO stands for “ Search Engine Optimization.”

SEO is defined as “ The process for the enhancement of the quality and quantity of the website traffic by increasing the visibility of the website or web page to user of a web search engine.”

It makes a website more qualitative and quantitative to the visitor users and to enhance the surveys for the website.
Marketing is rather a platform where the enhancement of the different products is done to improve their traffic. But if we talk about the SEO Marketing than it clearly means that it is the enhancement of the website traffic rather people are visiting it or not. If that than what strategies we have to follow so that more people visit the website.

We can enhance SEO marketing by making the website more attractive to the viewers. As how much the website is colourful more people will visit it and the rating for the website will be increase. Firstly, we have to see the demand of the users. We have to understand the minds of the users so that we fullfill their requirements and so that they visit the website more.

During the enhancement of the website we have also to take care of the words which we are using, rather they are right grammatically or not. We should use the right tenses. Moreover, we should be aware of spelling mistakes. If the user find the mistake, then the website traffic will be effected.
For the SEO Marketing we must clear each and everything for the website which is use for the SEO. As it is search engine optimization, so for the search engine we have to make better and effective changes for the effective traffic on the website.

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